Leaked Docs: Worst Case Scenario For Industry, Growing Movement, Coming True


Stratfor warning to industry: Letting the movement grow unopposed may bring about "the most significant environmental campaign of the decade." "This worst-case scenario is exactly what has happened," partly because opposition to tar sands development has expanded beyond nonprofit groups to include individual activists concerned about climate change, said Mark Floegel, a senior investigator for Greenpeace. "The more people in America see Superstorm Sandys or tornadoes in Chicago, the more they are waking up and joining the fight." For many, the leaked presentation provided proof that their work was having an impact, boosting their confidence to keep protesting. "Knowing that groups like Stratfor are targeting us, surveying us, and also analyzing us shows how powerful these movements have become," said Parkin of the Rainforest Action Network and Rising Tide North America. "Obviously this wasn’t meant for public consumption, but this doesn’t intimidate us. If anything, it emboldens us. It encourages us to push harder."

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